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Pet Hair Problems? No Problem!

This simple Norwex rubber brush is an indispensable tool for pet owners. Please continue reading and I’ll tell you why.

Norwex Rubber Brush

Norwex Rubber Brush. Size: 2″ x 6″, not counting handle

The best $13.99 investment:

(1) Removes dog and cat hair like it’s nobody’s business. This literally works better than even the finest vacuum cleaner for picking up animal hair off fabric upholstery, carpets, and rugs. You know how furry pets have hair that sticks in and lodges into fabrics, rugs, and carpet?

Let me share a dog hair testimony. A professional cleaner friend of mine has a client who has three large dogs that free-range in the house. My friend vacuumed this client’s sofa for 3 or 4 hours, trying to remove the dog hair that was living on the sofa. She was so frustrated. She had bought the Norwex rubber brush from me but forgot about it. Finally she remembered the brush. She went home, got her brush, and went back to her client’s house.

My friend’s words:

“The hair came off in sheets.”

Even today, it’s one of her favorite and most useful tools.

Fine rabbit hair testimony: It even works to extract fine rabbit hair out of rugs when the vacuum cleaner fails to pick up. I did this for a lady who had a fine-furred rabbit. She thought she would have to live with the rabbit hair matted into her rug. I took my rubber brush and began raking up the rabbit hair — something her vacuum cleaner could not do.

(2) Picks up human hair, too. I confess that I’m a shedder. I lose my hair left and right. Not only does it drive my family up the wall, it drivesĀ  me up the wall too when I find my hair everywhere. Thank God it keeps growing back; otherwise I’d probably be bald.

I use my Norwex rubber brush to rake up my hair off the carpet and rugs. It is so effective for collecting my hair off the floor.

(3) Doesn’t use electricity the way a vacuum cleaner does. It earns green points here. It saves money on electricity and is quiet.

(4) Cleans carpeted stairs so easily. It is nothing to carry the brush up and down the stairs since it weighs about 6 ounces. Compare that to awkwardly lugging a 20-pound vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs.

(5) Works great for grooming your animals! People use this versatile brush not only to remove hair, but to brush their dogs, cats, and even horses. One lady told me that her horse loves being brushed with it.

(6) Cleans up easily. Okay, so you brushed your fuzzy pet and its dander. Or you extracted some dead hair and skin cells out of the rug. Now you think your brush is kind of icky. Just pull the major hair out of the brush with your hand, and run the brush under running water in your sink (or outside with the hose).

(7) Cleans your fabric window coverings and home and car upholstery. Simply run the brush across window coverings and upholstery to remove hair, dust, and dirt.

(8) Brushes off your Norwex mop pads and dusting mitt. So we’re finally getting to the rubber brush’s original purpose. If you have the Norwex mop pads or dusting mitt (and why wouldn’t you?!), use the brush to rake off the dirty pads or mitt. This is a neater and far more effective way to clean those items, and you won’t have dust flying back into the air if you were to shake them clean.

These are just 8 reasons why this $13.99 rubber brush is one of the best investments you’ll make. And it won’t break the bank.

A great gift for

  • pet owners
  • professional housekeepers (it will become one of their best friends)
  • anyone who has carpeting, rugs, or fabric upholstery and window coverings
  • dog and cat groomers
  • anyone who owns the Norwex mop and dusting mitt

My opinion and more about the brush

If there’s a tool that everyone should own, this little Norwex rubber brush is it. This is no ordinary brush.

The bristles are made of pliable rubber that can work its way into rugs and fabrics to extract even the most deeply embedded hair and stuff. Also, the pliable rubber is gentle on any material you use the brush on. It won’t scratch or tear textiles the way stiff brushes can. It picks up in a way that’s unmatched. (I found cat hair embedded deep, deep in my thick, wool Chinese rug, and I haven’t had a cat in 18 years!)

Order today!

If you want to give the Norwex rubber brush as a Christmas gift, please order by December 15 to allow enough time for shipping.

A companion item

Norwex also has a small, handy lint mitt that efficiently removes lint, dust, and pet hair from clothing and other textiles. Its small size makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Norwex lint mitt (2-sided lint mitt). Size: 4" x 5.5"

Norwex lint mitt (2-sided lint mitt). Size: 4″ x 5.5″

Important final note

Remember, Norwex warranties all their products. However, warranties are only honored if you order through a consultant (like me). Buying from an auction site will void any warranty coverage.




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Secrets of Green Window Cleaning – Better Than a Pro

Today, I’ll jump right in and recommend a green product that a professional window cleaner told me he did not want.

Why didn’t he want it? Because he said it would be a THREAT to his business. That’s how good, easy to use, and effective this product is. He said if people saw him using this, they would buy the products and not hire him. This is a true story.

And I’ll be up front with you. Because I am an independent Norwex consultant, I was trying to sell him these amazingly easy-to-use, green products. The products would

  • cut his cleaning time by 50 to 75 percent
  • eliminate the need for a drippy, messy squeegee
  • eliminate the need for any chemical sprays, window cleaners, and even vinegar
  • give streak-free, spot-free, shiny, and absolutely amazing results
  • save him money because he would never have to buy another squeegee or any window cleaning fluids ever again

What Is It?

“It” is a pair of cloths. I use these cloths all the time at my house. They are the Norwex Enviro cloth and window polishing cloth. You can save a few bucks if you buy them together as a basic package.

Believe me, I’ve tried lots of window cleaning methods and techniques over the decades, and I can tell you that there isn’t one that comes close to this pair of Norwex cloths. Yes, you do need to use both cloths to get the highest quality results.

How Does It Work?

In my pre-green days, I used things like Windex and paper towels. In my greener days, I used vinegar, squeegees, balled-up dampened newspapers. None of those works as well as the Norwex cloths.

Let’s take each cloth, one at a time.

Cloth 1 – Norwex Enviro Cloth

Made of the highest quality microfiber I have found on the market. In order to be called “microfiber,” I’m told that the fiber just has to be 1/6th the thickness of a human hair. Norwex microfiber is 1/200th the thickness of a human hair!

People have told me they shouldn’t have wasted their dollar on the dollar store microfiber once they had a chance to use the Norwex Enviro cloth. The two types of microfiber are NOT in the same class. Here’s a profound statement: Microfiber is NOT created equal.

There are approximately 300 yards of microfiber in 1 square inch of the Enviro cloth! Yep, you read that right: 300 yards of microfiber in 1 square inch of the cloth. That was not a typo. At this super-fineness, the cloth cleans better than anything I have seen. It will even pick up the residues left on your windows from previous stuff you’ve used. In fact, it cleans so well that your windows will stay clean longer because there isn’t a film of something on your windows to attract dust back as quickly.

The Enviro cloth also has microsilver embedded in it. Silver is a natural anti-bacterial agent, so bacteria that is picked up by the cloth will die in the cloth. You know, the saliva or mucous that a kid or dog might leave on the window. Loaded with bacteria.

How to use the Enviro cloth –

  1. Run it under the faucet to get it completely wet.
  2. Wring out as much water as possible.
  3. Wipe window.
  4. There is no number 4.

That’s it. Are you beginning to see why the window cleaner guy didn’t want it?

Cloth 2 – Norwex Window/Polishing Cloth

After you wipe your window clean with the Enviro cloth, dry and polish the window with your polishing cloth. Just wipe the window surface with the cloth. It takes no special skill, no special trick.

Now, you will have super clean, streak-free, spot-free, and shiny windows.

That’s it! Now you see why the professional window cleaner guy didn’t want it? Because YOU can do it yourself and get absolutely amazing results. He would have charged you hundreds of dollars. Instead, you can buy the two cloths for $31.99 (plus tax and shipping) and use the cloths over and over and over . . .

Other Helpful Information about the Norwex Cloths

  • All Norwex microfiber have a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects. What other microfiber will give you that? Also, the cloths will last way, way more than 2 years if they are not abused. One lady told me she’s used hers for 10 years!
  • IMPORTANT! Steer away from trying to save a couple of bucks by buying from an auction site because you won’t get the warranty. In order to have the warranty, you need to make a valid purchase by buying it through an independent Norwex consultant like me. In fact, all Norwex products have warranties. Some products are warrantied for 5 and 7 years! But, again, products purchased through an auction site are not covered under warranty.
  • Why do you have to buy through a Norwex consultant? Because Norwex is a direct sales company and their products are not carried in stores. It’s just the way some companies do business. Instead of paying a store to be the middleman, the consultants take the place of the store.
  • You can use the cloths on nearly everything, not only on windows.

I will share some of the many other uses of the Enviro cloth in an upcoming post. And when I say many other uses, I mean MANY. The cloth will eliminate the need for up to 90 percent of cleaning supplies!

P.S. – For savvy professional window cleaners, you will want to own these cloths and maybe use them when your clients aren’t watching! The cloths will cut your cleaning time by up to 75% and reduce your window cleaning spray and soap costs down to zero. It will also be healthier for you. You should not see these cloths as a threat. They are your friend.

Order the “basic package,” which includes the two cloths I talked about: order your cloths today at my website

See the entire Norwex flipbook catalog or learn more about Norwex products:

Thanks for supporting a green company that is committed to helping get chemicals out of the household.