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Wash Your Car with Rain Water in 3 Easy Steps

It’s the middle of January in the Northwest, and I washed my car. With captured rain water and a Norwex Enviro cloth. And nothing else.

I had a dirty white vehicle and had been thinking for the last couple of weeks that maybe I should get the dirt off. Then the day turned out sunny and mild, almost spring-like, making me want to do something like wash the car.

My full 50-gallon rain barrel was sitting just 20 feet away from my parked vehicle. The inside of the rain barrel was kind of, well, gross. Like, full of healthy algae crawling up and down the sides of the rain barrel. But when I filled my bucket at the rain barrel spigot, the water came out actually pretty clean.

I got my Norwex Enviro cloth completely wet in the rain water and went to work cleaning my vehicle. This technique is a little different from using a hose but nevertheless very effective.

  1. First, I poured the rain water on the area that I was washing to get the area completely wet.
  2. Next, I wiped/washed the area with my wet Norwex cloth. If you have read my other posts, you will know that, again, with a Norwex cloth, you do not need soap.
  3. Then I poured more rain water on the area again to rinse away the loosened dirt and grime.

Repeat on all sections of the car until it’s all clean.

Yes, you can wash your entire vehicle just with captured rain water and a Norwex Enviro cloth. No soap is necessary and your car will be just as clean as if you had used soap.

Save money on soap and water and be green, all at the same time.

Where to buy a Norwex Enviro cloth

Since Norwex is a direct sales company (meaning, the products are not sold in stores), you will need to buy from a Norwex consultant. Essentially, consultants take the place of the store.

Please go to my website and purchase your Norwex Enviro cloth.

All Norwex microfiber have a 2-year warranty. However, there is no warranty if you buy from a third-party source (such as an online auction site).

Check out my other post on the amazing things you can do just with water and a Norwex Enviro cloth! Other Norwex product tips are available at