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7 Things To Do With the Norwex Enviro Cloth

With the new year just underway, I’ve decided I am going to be a better housekeeper this year. So guess what? I’m using my Norwex Enviro Cloth more! It is THE most versatile cloth I have ever owned, and I’ll share 7 ways that you can use it — just with water, of course.

Please go to the bottom of this blog post to buy Enviro Cloths. (You can’t have too many of these cloths. Plus, they make great gifts.)



Regular Enviro Cloth: 13″ x 13″
Kids Enviro Cloth: 10″ x 10″
Travel Enviro Cloth: 6″ x 6″


7 things to do with the Norwex Enviro Cloth

  1. Clean your windows and mirrors in your house and car.
  2. Clean your leather furniture and leather accessories such as purses and shoes. (Caution: If your leather furniture or item is not dyed deeply but rather just surficially, the Enviro Cloth may remove some of the dye. Test on an inconspicuous area first.)
  3. Clean your greasy stove and range hood.
  4. Remove stains from your carpet or other textiles. See the amazing before-and-after photos below. To remove stains, rub lightly and blot the stain with a damp Enviro Cloth. Rinse out the cloth and repeat until the stains are gone. You will be amazed at the stubborn stains that did not come out with that expensive (and toxic) carpet stain remover you bought. For REALLY persistent or years-old stains, try the Norwex Carpet Stain Buster. 
  5. Wipe your screen — computer, TV, phone, et cetera.
  6. Mop your floors (while the Norwex mop is patiently waiting to get crossed off your wish list).
  7. Dust your house. This last item calls for a dry Enviro Cloth. Dust your wood furniture, baseboards, and anything else that you would dry-dust. The dry cloth PICKS UP dust, not move it around the way other dusters do.




These are just 7 ways to use the extremely versatile Enviro Cloth. Many people who own the Enviro Cloth didn’t even know they could do all this and more with this single cloth!

Besides the 7 uses I list above, be daring and try it out on other things. You will surprise yourself when you see the amazing things this awesome cloth can do.


What to do when your cloth gets stained, dirty, and greasy

Wash it out in hot water. If the stains and gunk are too much for just the hot water, I soak the cloth in a sink of hot water with a sprinkle of Norwex Power Plus Laundry Detergent. For spot treatment of stains on the cloth, I use a couple of drops of the Norwex dishwashing liquid. These two cleaning agents clean better than any detergent or soap I have ever used. You use so little of it and get powerful cleaning results.

Norwex says you can boil the Enviro Cloth up to 4 times a year when it gets really, really dirty. Just simmer the cloth in a pot of water for 10 minutes. This releases the grease and gunk. I like to add a sprinkle of the Norwex detergent to the water.

Keep in mind that, like any cloth or fabric, the Enviro Cloth will stain over time. That’s just what happens when you use it. So if you’re like me, I keep several Enviro Cloths around so I can dedicate one to my greasy kitchen, one for my non-greasy windows, one in my car, et cetera.


Buy Enviro Cloths

As you know, Norwex is a direct sales company, which means Norwex products are not carried in stores. So in order to buy these awesome cloths, you need a Norwex consultant (me!). Here are the links to buy your Enviro Cloths:


A clean house is better than a dirty house! The great thing about using Norwex cloths is you can clean tons of stuff just with water. This cuts out other cleaners (especially those awful toxic ones) in a huge way, saving you lots of money.