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Rolling your own oats for oatmeal

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I used to use my grain roller a lot, and then one day I forgot about it.


I recently rediscovered it in my pantry, pulled it out, and rolled some oat groats. Now I remember why I used to roll my own oats — because there’s nothing quite like your own rolled oats.




It is extremely easy to use. Just get some oat groats. (I use organic.)




Put some in the hopper.




Turn the handle. The oat groats are processed (or flattened) between two metal rollers. The rolled oats drop down to the bottom bin, and there are your rolled oats.




I like to soak my oats overnight. Soaking oats cuts the cooking time way down.

  • Soak 1 cup of rolled oats in a small pot with 1 cup of water. I use a little bit of whey if I have some. The whey helps break down the oats so it’s easier for your digestive system to digest the oats.
  • In the morning, add 1 more cup of water and blend with a fork.
  • Place the pot on the stove top and cook at medium to medium-low heat, stirring regularly so the oats don’t stick to the bottom of the pot.
  • Your oatmeal will be ready in about 5 minutes.

Rolling your own oats is so easy, and your oatmeal won’t be rancid from having sat in a box for who knows how long. I like to add butter, honey, and coconut flakes to my oatmeal. It is a filling breakfast for you and your kids.


The grain roller is very easy to operate. You can put little kids to work cranking the handle and making their own rolled oats.



Author: Comic Mom

I believe kids should have comics that are fun and don't have dark themes or questionable content. I also believe we--including kids--can achieve way more than we allow ourselves to. When my son was 8, he began drawing a comic strip, which kids loved. I encouraged him to turn his comics into a book, and he did. I published his first book shortly after he turned 14 and his second book when he was 15.

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