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Extra Simple Stain Removal — so simple you won’t believe it

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I ran across this picture earlier this year.

It went in one eye and out the other. Then I ran across it again more recently, and it grabbed my attention this time.


That pink cloth you see in the right-hand photo is a Norwex Enviro cloth. That’s what this person used to take those nasty brown stains out of the car seat. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what the stains were from, but they look pretty bad. As bad as the stains were, all it took was a water-dampened Norwex Enviro cloth to remove those big brown stains — and some elbow grease, of course.

That’s it. That was not a typo. That’s it.

My Sister’s Story

My sister bought a Norwex basic package (which consists of an Enviro cloth and a window/polishing cloth) from me and a couple of other cloths when I first started selling Norwex. She had no clue what she was buying. But I had talked them up to her because they are so amazing.  (Yes, they DO do windows and the kitchen sink!) She didn’t get to see a demo or even the cloth itself because she lives 2,000 miles away from me. She bought the cloths because, in her words, she trusted me.

So what did she do with her cloths? Nothing.

It wasn’t until I saw her five months later that I made her pull them out. She could not even find them, so I insisted that she look for them before I left town because I was going to help her break them in. She finally found the cloths buried in a pile in the corner of her bedroom, still in the original package that I mailed them in.

Just that morning, I had cleaned her husband’s tan leather upholstery in his car with my Enviro cloth that I had brought along. I cleaned his leather seat because I wanted to show her how well the cloth cleans leather just with water. She was beginning to understand the power of the Enviro cloth, but it didn’t really hit her until she, with no coaxing from me, did something with her own cloth.

Soon after I flew back home, she took her Enviro cloth to her office. There had been a large carpet stain in her office that nobody could get out, no matter what they used. She decided she would try to remove the stain with her Enviro cloth — and water, of course. To everyone’s amazement — including hers — the stain came out. And she was sold. And the folks at her office were sold.

All it takes is the Enviro cloth and water, and you will amaze yourself.

Here are other articles I wrote about the amazing things the Norwex cloths can do.


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