Living a balanced green lifestyle

5 Signs That You’re Going Green

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  1. The conventional products in your pantry are being replaced by bulk grains, dried fruit, and seeds; and brands like Annie’s, Back to Nature, and Let’s Do Organic.
  2. Glass jars of weird things are showing up on your counter, such fermenting kombucha and kefir, and a jar of raw milk that you’re trying to turn into whey and milk solids. (You need the whey to soak your grains in.)
  3. Plastic food containers are disappearing from your kitchen.
  4. You run out and buy a full-size freezer for the side of grassfed beef you don’t have yet.
  5. You trade in your SUV for a Subaru or Prius.


I know. I’ve done all of those — except the last one. And I did it all in the first year of turning into a 21st century Greenie.


There are many more signs, of course, such as Lysol and Windex disappearing from your house, and the weeds now coexist with your grass and you don’t care anymore because your lawn needs the biodiversity.


I’ve done lots of other things that I haven’t listed. Such as, I bought a $20 cowshare and would drive nearly 100 miles round trip weekly for “my” cow’s unpasteurized, nonhomogenized milk; got a job selling grassfed beef; and other fun things like that.


Today, I’m still doing some of those things and not doing some of those things. Why? Because life balances out after a while, and wisdom comes with age and experience — hopefully.






Author: Comic Mom

I believe kids should have comics that are fun and don't have dark themes or questionable content. I also believe we--including kids--can achieve way more than we allow ourselves to. When my son was 8, he began drawing a comic strip, which kids loved. I encouraged him to turn his comics into a book, and he did. I published his first book shortly after he turned 14 and his second book when he was 15.

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