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A Green Way to Get Rid of Ants in the House — FAST and Cheap

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Years ago, even before I went green, I came across a pretty cool way to get rid of ants.

We had had an ant problem one day in early spring. These little brown “sugar” ants were all over my kitchen counter. I called up an exterminator or two, and I was told that someone would come out and treat the entire perimeter of the house — probably with some sort of toxic spray. And then they would have to come out again X number of times a year, and blah blah blah. Something about a 1-year pest control plan. The cost was something around $300, if I recall correctly. And this was about a dozen years ago!

I didn’t like that price tag or exterminator plan. So I looked in the phone book — yes, there were phone books back then — and found a pest control type of store. So I got in my car and went to the do-it-yourself pest control store. (By the way, it went out of business years ago.)

The nice guy at the store sold me a $6.00 product called Terro. I paid for it, took it home, and followed the simple instructions on the package. Within one day, the ants were totally gone. No toxic sprays, no treating the perimeter of the whole house, no 1-year contract.

The reason I’m telling you about this today, 12 years after I had the first ant problem, is because pesky ants have since made an appearance a few times — today being one of them.

I have learned to keep a supply of Terro under my kitchen sink for times like this. If you haven’t seen Terro in action, I hope you don’t get grossed out at this photo. You have to leave the ants alone and let them drink deeply of this Terro solution, which is some kind of sugary substance laced with a bit of Borax. Terro is very effective.


All it takes is a few small drops of Terro. The ants eat it and then take it back to their colony. They tell their fellow colonists about this luscious food, the others come back, and then they all . . . well, they don’t come back any more. All this happens usually within 24 hours. No more ants within 24 hours. Can you believe that?

Terro does not kill on contact. It works slowly enough so that the ants can go back to their colony, spread the word, and then they quietly leave you alone in a very short time.

Whoever invented Terro should get an award.

You can buy Terro at stores such as Home Depot and Fred Meyer. I haven’t tried competing brands because Terro has worked so well for me.


Author: Comic Mom

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