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Rare, Organic Heirloom Apples for 99 cents

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I know we Greenies like to save money. After all, we have to balance things out because we sometimes spend more on high-quality green products. So here’s the deal I found today.

Rare varieties of apples (organically produced but not “certified”) for 99 cents a pound.

The lady at the market told me that they grow their produce organically but are not “certified organic” so they don’t advertise it as that. I can understand, because organic certification is quite a costly pain. I asked her if they use any synthetic fertilizers, and she assured me they don’t.

A balanced green person will take her word for it and not demand to see a “9” on the apple sticker, ’cause here, you won’t even find a sticker!

Rare Apples for 99 cents a pound

Notice I have alphabetized them just for fun: Chehalis, Cox’s Orange Pippin (an heirloom apple), Elstar, Jonamac, King, Liberty, Melrose. Some of them are heirloom; others aren’t.

  • Chehalis Apples


  • Cox’s Orange Pippin Apples


  • Jonamac Apples


  • King Apples


Maybe some of these are not so rare to you. Maybe you’ve heard of them and grew up eating them. But these are varieties I don’t see at the stores I shop at. That, to me, is what makes them rare.

Notice that the apples aren’t so uniform, unblemished, waxy, and shiny the way you’ll see them at the higher-priced stores. Balanced green people are okay with that, too.

99-cent Gala Apples

Now, Gala was also offered at 99 cents a pound, but since I don’t consider them rare, it didn’t make the above rare list.

Where to Buy Rare Apples at 99 cents a pound

These are offered at the one and only Maltby Produce Market (MPM) in Snohomish, Washington, which is owned by the famous Flower World, which is conveniently right across the street.

Flower World is a pretty cool place–very large–if you like plants and trees and want to shop at a HUGE, expansive nursery. I have not seen another place quite like Flower World. I repeat, it is huge. It also has a lovely park and little farm that kids would enjoy. You can easily spend half a day at Flower World.

But we’re talking apples today. Now MPM does have other varieties of apples, such as Fuji and Honeycrisp, but they cost more than 99 cents.

If you want any of these apples for 99 cents a pound, I hope you’re planning to take a trip to the Maltby Produce Market soon because these apples are seasonal and limited.

I don’t live close to MPM. If I did, I’d shop there more often. If you don’t live close either, it’s worth the trip, and you can load up on rare apples.


Author: Comic Mom

I believe kids should have comics that are fun and don't have dark themes or questionable content. I also believe we--including kids--can achieve way more than we allow ourselves to. When my son was 8, he began drawing a comic strip, which kids loved. I encouraged him to turn his comics into a book, and he did. I published his first book shortly after he turned 14 and his second book when he was 15.

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