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Free Artesian Well Water

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God gave us water. For free.

USGS says about 70 percent of Earth is covered with water. God is a generous God and He knew we need water to survive. Without water, everyone and everything would die. So the Lord God gave us water to keep us alive. And He did not charge us for it.

So when people are alarmed that we will run out of water, maybe they have forgotten how plentiful water is. Of course, sourcing it, packaging it, and marketing it is another story, but that isn’t my focus here. We do know, however, that companies have made tons of money selling water to you. Isn’t that amazing?

Free Artesian Well Water

There is a place in the Seattle area that still gives artesian well water for free. I am so grateful for that because when my water company decided to put fluoride in the water about 8 or 9 years ago, my family did not want to drink it any more. We have been going to this artesian well source ever since our water got fluoridated. While lots of other people know about this free artesian water–because sometimes you cannot even get into the little parking lot and have to wait, and wait, and wait in line–I am still grateful for it. Some people drive hours just to get this water. It IS that good.

On the bright side, occasionally, I have been the ONLY ONE there! So it’s a matter of timing.

How does the water taste? Really good.


Am I concerned about contaminants? No. The municipality that set up this free water resource tests the water for fecal contaminants. And as a testament, we have been using it for about 8 or 9 years and we’re still here. Healthy as ever.

Here is the information sheet that the Alderwood Water & Wastewater District puts out about their artesian well water.

Do I filter it after I bring it home? No. We drink it straight–good minerals, contaminants (if any), and all. If I die from contaminants in the water–which I don’t expect–then I die.

I am not afraid of dying. That’s all part of living. (I will talk about living and dying in a future post.) Okay, I digress.

How do you get this free artesian well water? Just bring your own bottles, drive to the 164th Street Artesian Well in the Lynnwood/Mill Creek, Washington, area (just off Interstate 5), park in the little lot–which accommodates about a dozen cars, and stand in line (if there is one–and there probably will be one) and wait your turn to fill your bottles.

If you don’t live in the area but someday will drive near it, it’s worth stopping for. It’s nothing fancy, so don’t expect fancy. It’s just about the water. Cold, clean, and refreshing. Ahh.

What about the lines? Sometimes there are decent people who patiently wait. Other times there are grouchy people who are rude. Human nature, unfortunately.

I must admit it can be frustrating if there’s a long line with people who have a gazillion little bottles. Bring a book or knitting or something to do while you make the best of standing in line. BUT, that said, it’s not always a long line. I’m just trying to prepare you for the worst.

Why are there a few bad reviews about this well? It’s the grouchy gripers and complainers. Some people, you just can’t seem to please.

Free Mineral Springs Water

By the way, when we were in Manitou Springs, Colorado, over the summer, we found FREE bubbly mineral water. The town itself was…er…interesting. Touristy, shall I say? But if you like that kind of atmosphere…

I am glad there are still a few places in the country that aren’t trying to capitalize on the free resource that God gave us.


Author: Comic Mom

I believe kids should have comics that are fun and don't have dark themes or questionable content. I also believe we--including kids--can achieve way more than we allow ourselves to. When my son was 8, he began drawing a comic strip, which kids loved. I encouraged him to turn his comics into a book, and he did. I published his first book shortly after he turned 14 and his second book when he was 15.

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