Living a balanced green lifestyle

Living a Balanced Green Life

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Preface to my new blog:

This blog is for you if

  • you are interested in learning about a greener lifestyle and want to bridge the topic of Green with spiritual things from a solid Christian perspective.
  • you are interested in learning about a greener lifestyle but do not have a spiritual compass or a Christian background and wonder how the two have anything to do with each other.
  • you are already living pretty green and want to know something about the spiritual part of who you are.


My name is Lucy and I live in the beautiful state of Washington. I warmly welcome you and thank you for taking the time to read. With that, here is my first blog post on Living a Balanced Green Life.


* * * * * * *


Green, carbon footprint, sustainable, environmentally friendly, blah blah blah.

       Are these terms trite, cliche, and overkill? Maybe. But I don’t think the whole topic of Green is a passing fancy. I believe it is a trend. It certainly is a mega-market, and businesses are making lots of green on Green.
       There is a reason for this massive market and shift in the wind. As we are connecting the dots between chemicals and sickness–even death–more and more people are choosing healthy over sickly. Who wouldn’t?
       Now that I have been making better, greener decisions over the past 11 years, combined with a greater understanding of spiritual matters that the Lord God has given me, I felt it was time that I could share some insights that would sort of address various Green Living topics from a Christian perspective.

       “What will that look like?” you may ask.

       Frankly, I’m not totally sure myself. It will take shape as time progresses. But I will give tips and talk about better, greener, healthier choices, and I hope to always be hearing the wisdom of God as I type my blog. Will there be selling or product recommendations? Yes, there will be because, after all, we have to get our Green Living stuff from somewhere!


Author: Comic Mom

I believe kids should have comics that are fun and don't have dark themes or questionable content. I also believe we--including kids--can achieve way more than we allow ourselves to. When my son was 8, he began drawing a comic strip, which kids loved. I encouraged him to turn his comics into a book, and he did. I published his first book shortly after he turned 14 and his second book when he was 15.

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